Symfony Development Services


In the hunt for winning customers by facilitating customer convenience, businesses are running all across places- from offline channels to online platforms. Businesses are increasingly focussing on anytime, anywhere policy by providing information across channels and personalizing offerings to individuals needs.

This calls for having a responsive and interactive website/web application. To add personalization, these web applications need to be dynamic with great user interface design to capture attention.

To achieve this, businesses are increasingly hiring agencies and developers. The entire developer community seemingly is coding on the platform of their choice. Amongst this plethora of choices, PHP has undoubtedly emerged as a preferred coding language. It allows rapid application development by streamlining the development process. By offering chunks of codes and predefined libraries, PHP provides a developer friendly and secure environment. The developed application can be tested quickly. Support from a large fraternity of developers and readily available online forums for learning and sharing makes it a favorite!

So which PHP development platforms do developers go for? Symfony again has taken a lead in the crowd in this regard.

What is Symfony Development Services?

Symfony is a yet another open source based PHP framework used for developing enterprise level applications. Based on the famous Model-View-Contoller (MVC) architecture, it allows for faster and easy creation and maintenance of web applications better and faster by structuring developments and reusing generic modules. Symfony supports businesses with their scale requirements while keeping them relieved about time to market, bugs and maintenance. Symfony is fully compliant with standard development rules.

Symfony is widely used by the developer community and is highly accepted. Today, Symfony features a set of decoupled and reusable components which makes some of the best PHP applications like PHPBB, Drupal, eZ Publish etc., Dailymotion,, and Yahoo! Are some of the known brands utilizing Symfony as their preferred framework for development of enterprise applications.

Features of Symfony Development Services Framework

 Advantages of Symfony Development Services Framework

A host of key features in Symfony Development Services make it extremely useful for the developer community. It offers the following benefits as a PHP framework:

At Aalpha India, we have a team of certified professionals have extensive experience of working on web applications across domains and industries like Agriculture, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Hospitality, Construction, Government, Retail, Education, Shipping & Logistics, Information Technology, Healthcare & Medical, Media & Broadcasting, Marine, Space & Aviation etc. wit Symfony Development Services PHP framework.

Our portfolio of Symfony Development Services includes:

At Aalpha India, we follow a project management approach with regular feedback with our clients. Every project kick starts with expectation setting and requirements gathering from the customer followed by gathering all requirements in a business requirement document. Post this stage, our team of expert debate and discuss on the best solution to address client needs and problems. Post detailed discussions and buy in from the client, the final solution is developed and then full blown into the end result. Throughout the process, we are in constant touch with our client for feedback across multiple channels. All this is coordinated by project managers who ensure quality solution delivery within stipulated timelines and facilitate smooth communication and handovers.

Come and partner with us for taking your web applications to the next level of efficient development.