MongoDB Development Services


The entire software development industry has seen a radical turn in the past decade. As businesses move online, the demand for responsive and interactive web applications has reached a new herald. To meet this need, we at Aalpha India constantly strive and learn and keep ourselves abreast with latest industry developments to deliver the best to our customers.

Database is a crucial aspect to developing efficient web applications. Traditional ways of database development and management do not fare success in today’s dynamic digital environment. A fresh approach is needed. MongoDB exactly brings this value to the table. At Aalpha India, we provide expert MongoDB development services to our customers.

What is MongoDB Development Services?

MongoDB is an open source database system. Developed and supported by 10gen, it is the most popular NoSQL database management system. MongoDB is document oriented, based on NoSQL and supports document management, modification, and real time processing and analysis on a large scale basis. Today, MongoDB is used by well known brands like eBay,MetLife, Telefónica, Foursquare, MTV Networks and the UK Government.

How MongoDB Development Services works?

MongoDB stores structured data (in format called BSON) as JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas unlike classical relational database where data is stored in tables. This makes data integration faster and easier across many applications. Designed for accelerating performance and supporting infinite scale, MongoDB boasts of a document-oriented data model ultra-fast in-place updates, rich dynamic queries, built-in sharing, dynamic schema, full index support and auto-failover. It also supports GridFS and MapReduce. By applying GridFS to large files, the solution provides full indexing support whereas Map/Reduce enables processing and aggregation of output in batches. Hence, MongoDB presents a function rich and easy to use intuitive open source solution to the developer fraternity.

Where it works?

MongoDB is the go to solution for platforms where large volumes of data are processed high performance is required for sale out requirements. MongoDB is good at handling complex and heterogeneous data to model in a relational schema and perform real-time analytics. MongoDB is best suited for businesses looking at building a database for a high-performance, high-availability website capable of handling high volume of visitors, or a web front cache for storing dynamic real time data or information, or a database with SSL connection,  a file storage with no time or size limit.

MongoDB is particularly well suited for the following:

Salient features of MongoDB Development Services
Advantages of MongoDB Development Services

MongoDB is a versatile platform and offers unique benefits. Some of them are as under:

 What We Offer?

At Aalpha India, we have a team of dedicated and trained professionals in MongoDB development services who keep themselves adept with the latest developments in MongoDB through constant learning and exposure with working on MongoDB based projects. We have experience of delivering quality projects on MongoDB across industries like retail, hospitality, healthcare, transport, ecommerce and more.  Our portfolio of services includes:

At Aalpha India, we follow a structure project based agile development process. The process kickstarts with requirements gathering and understanding of client’s business problems/needs. This is documented, post which our team of experts brainstorms to come up with alternate solutions. The best solution is selected with agreement from the client and then an agile methodology of solution development is executed. Timely and regular interactions and feedback from clients ensure delivery of quality solutions as per client expectations within stipulated timelines.

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