Businesses today are faced with a plethora of business opportunities. Each opportunity opens up a new domain of operation, and each opportunity brings along its own set of challenges. At Aalpha India, we deliver best-in-class solutions on cutting edge technology to help businesses reap the maximum out of each opportunity. Our portfolio of solutions is spread across the following areas:

As businesses go online, they move towards virtual modeling. To reach customers and sell better, they need to present real or real-like products and services. To facilitate this, businesses need solutions capable of creating augmented as well as reality. At Aalpha India, we provide industry leading Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions.  Read More

Predictive analytics and Business Intelligence has taken a leap with the advent of cloud-based hosting. Predictive Customer Intelligence uses individual customer buying behavior, web foot print, social media behavior and other online activities to personalize customer experience. At Aalpha India, we provide industry leading Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions. Read More

Business process automation (BPA) refers to the technology enabled automation of processes in order to accomplish specific workflows at reduced costs. It is a strategic decision which is not aimed at automation, but making business workflows more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and accessible. At Aalpha India, we provide industry leading Business Process Automation Solutions. Read More

Customer Relationship Management is an organized discipline of managing customers for maintaining loyalty through engagement and acquiring new customers through data driven analysis of customer behavior. This is facilitated by aligning organization goals and structure with their customers. Technology like a CRM Software is a key enabler in this regard. At Aalpha India, we provide industry leading CRM Solutions. Read More

Cloud is a crucial next generation resource amongst the series of useful resources available to an IT organization. A cloud virtualizes IT infrastructure –a network of servers usually- in the form of a datacenter belonging to the outsourcing provider. Shared pools of resources are used simultaneously by multiple users as per their needs to bring down costs. Cloud provides flexibility of use and scale as the business grows with low requirements for maintenance. At Aalpha India, we provide industry leading Cloud Computing Solutions. Read More

At Aalpha India, we develop performance-changing learning and training experiences and offer a gamut of tailored e-learning and training services to achieve your training goals. Being cognizant of the company regulations, limitations on expenditures and thin timelines, our team focuses on rapid development of e-learning and online training solutions. All our solutions follow best instructional design methodology to be viable and valuable. Read More

At Aalpha India, we provide high-quality animation services using cutting edge technology at the right price points. We specialize in scientific animations with visual artistry & imagery which will leave you spellbound. Our highly skilled team of professionals has a proven track record and years of expertise in scientific 2D &3D animations. Read More

IT security services is a completely different genre than selling products. With IT security services customers, the relationship begin post the technology is deployed.  Customers expect 24×7 services which are reliable and robust by nature. They expect real time and continuous improvement in their security posture. At Aalpha India, we offer an array of Managed Security Services for traditional data center, endpoint, identity and network management, as well as additional services to secure applications and next-generation platforms including cloud, mobility, and big data and analytics. Read More

Enterprise social applications are useful platforms for utilizing staff knowledge across the organization. They replicate the casual virtual online conversations between people with off-hours interaction. However, organizations investing in such solutions get caught in the caveat of focusing on tangible returns in terms of improvements in processes, faster time to market and cost reductions. Enterprise social applications do deliver these benefits, but more than these, the advantages like knowledge sharing and ease of communication are intangible. At Aalpha India, we provide industry leading Social Networking Solutions. Read More

Omni-channel solutions are propagators of Anytime, Anywhere interactions. An omni-channel solution combines all digital and physical customer touch points onto a single platform – including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media and print to deliver a seamless customer experience. Irrespective of the industry of operation, these solutions create a contextual, personalized and relevant customer experience to boost revenues and enhance customer experience and loyalty. At Aalpha India, we provide industry leading Omnichannel Solutions. Read More