SaaS Application Development Services


Get your web applications right! SaaS-enabled business model from Aalpha India helps your business grow profitably!

With increased competition and crowding of saas software developers and service providers across the IT industry, the pressure of margins is increasing. Every expenditure counts! Organizations, in their stride for making businesses profitable, are increasingly focusing on cutting costs. One such avenue for cost-cutting is a reduction in IT infrastructure expenditures. Moving away from buying legacy hardware and software, organizations are increasingly adopting Software as a service (SaaS) model for business operations. Traditional ISVs are being now challenged by SaaS Product Developers and are finding it difficult to grow.

At Aalpha India, we have years of experience and expertise in successfully conceptualizing, developing, deploying and managing several new SaaS/ Internet app development solutions.

What is SaaS Application Development Services?

SaaS (Software as a service) is a cloud driven model where customers (users) can access your services remotely from any location through the cloud using web-based technology. It is an “on-demand service” for delivery using web browser.

Using SaaS, organizations can eliminate upfront set up costs and perpetual license costs and move to a subscription based pay model. The main advantages of opting for SaaS are as under:

As the IT industry is moving towards a service oriented model, models like SOA and SaaS have revolutionized the way the Product is deployed and delivered. With SaaS organizations can enhance profits twofold as this allows organizations to achieve both

How SaaS Application Development Services Apps helps you grow?

With SaaS driven business models, organizations can offer subscription-based service to the end customer saving huge costs to them as well as reducing IT resource risk- sharing of resources on cloud reduces a probability of resources remaining idle! SaaS ensures continuous customer engagement and a fulfilling experience by ensuring that everyone, anywhere, and anytime gets an updated version of your product.

Our SaaS Application Development Services/ Offerings

At Aalpha India, we have expertise and experience in both the underlying development technologies as well as the singular challenges of the SaaS model. This is essential for successful SaaS application developers. We have years of experienced managers and developers deeply familiar with all major SaaS development platforms – from Java to .NET to Ruby on Rails (RoR). Our highly adept team can solve thorny issues unique to SaaS, such as customer data security, subscription and payments, and integration and scalability, etc.

We support the best in the industry- AWS and Google Cloud deployment for your SaaS web applications. SaaS Application Development Services by Aalpha India include:

Our highly skilled team of professionals has experience of delivering SaaS projects across a range of industries. To list a few, we can cater to the following industries:

While implementing SaaS brings immense benefits to businesses, it is also important for organizations to carefully evaluate the following aspects:

Technology: PHP 5, ASP.NET with Silverlight, Adobe Flex Framework, PHP with PostGreSQL Database, Java/ JSP with Oracle Database

Frameworks: ASP.NET | MVC3, PHP, Ruby on Rails, JAVA | MVC, CodeIgniter, Zend and Cake PHP

Databases: My SQL 2005, Oracle | MS SQL 2008 server, MongoDB

Front-end technologies: Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, XHTML, HTML5, Responsive, Twitter Bootstrap

Servers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, App Engine and Rackspace

Third Party Integrations: Third party integration as per project requirement – Chat, Video Conferencing, Weather, Streaming, Newsletter, MLS, Payroll, Sales Tax, Payment Gateway, Digital Signature, Background Check, Contact Grabber and more…

At Aalpha India, we deliver superior quality projects to add value to our clients businesses. Get in touch with us for all your SaaS Application Development Services requirements.