Enterprises are growing fast as customers become more demanding. As businesses scale and diversify, they need to focus on their core competencies to fight competition. This has led to outsourcing activities which are not so critical to organizations. Outsourcing today has become a way of life, especially for the IT companies. Not only does it save costs and efforts, it also gives access to best talent in the industry without having to recruit them and helps organizations fight and scale by focusing on core competencies. At Aalpha, we offer the following outsourcing services to our global clientele:

Offshore outsourcing is the process of delegating IT assignments and projects outside the client’s country of residence. A type of business process outsourcing, offshore outsourcing involves collaborating with an external organization to perform some of its business roles/functions. This is usually done to achieve cost savings due to lower labor cost or tax savings generated in the outsourced country. At the same time, outsourcing also provides access to great talent and specialized services from across the globe at lower operating costs. At Aalpha, we are globally renowned providers of offshore outsourcing services. Read More 

An offshore development centre offers the benefits of effectively extending legs and arms for your organization without hiring talent. It also provides access to expert resources at reasonable prices, without having to hire them and incurring recruitment costs. At Aalpha, we have a world class offshore development centre catering to hundreds of clients. Read More

At Aalpha, we provide the best custom software development services to our clients. Our services include development, deployment, testing, maintenance and support. All this is available across complete outsourcing to our offshore centers or by hiring our resources from our dedicated offshore development centre. Clients have the flexibility to engage and partner with us based on their immediate as well as long term requirements. We offer a number of engagement models for our clients. Clients can pick and choose one model or combine two or more models in line with their needs. In addition to the list below, we can also customize the engagement models further to suit your demands. Read More