Domain Expertise

Aalpha is a powerhouse of proven domain expertise and skilled and collaborative workforce with years of experience in successfully delivering customized software development projects across industries. Our talent pool has been handpicked from across different industries and the knowledge gained has been shared across our organization. Working on live projects across industries and regular training and development ensures that we are at the top of changing needs and latest trends across industries we cater to. Our experts deliver innovative projects across the following domains:

We are pioneers in e-learning and online training solutions- whether synchronous, asynchronous, instructor-led or computer-based or a combination. Our custom e-Learning software & product development is available across both classroom education & workplace training and across all media like Delivery, internet, intranet, on CD/DVD, wireless on Campus. We provide our solutions in form of multimedia, flash demos, interactive simulations, white board stories, net meeting tools, audio video streaming/broadcasting, webinar etc. Read More 

With Aalpha, you can accelerate your business growth with technology and best in class engineering services spread across product blueprints, implementation support for both software and hardware. We provide expert engineering services across control systems and network, process re-engineering and system design covering end to end global engineering services for our customers. Read More

The financial services industry has been witnessing revolution for long. From traditional pen-paper based processes to automated systems like computers and now mobile and cloud- the change has been perennial to this sector. With changing customer needs, evolving product requirements, changing regulatory landscape, ever growing competitors and rapid advancement of technology, financial institutions need to have best of breed technology solutions to adapt to the changing market dynamics. At Aalpha, we are the leading providers of bespoke software development services across Finance and Insurance Industry. Read More

The New era of Manufacturing is based on intangible assets – organizational knowledge, ability to innovate, and value added services – rather than tangible assets such as factories and equipment. Automation through information technology has been the primary driver of change in the manufacturing industry. Not only has it increased profitability and reduced costs; it has increased productivity of the industry and has made manufacturers more competitive. At Aalpha, we help manufacturers ride this trend with years of experience in delivering bespoke software development services across Manufacturing Industry. Read More

Rapid evolution of previously existing technologies and the emergence of new tools in telecommunications and technologies from cable TV, satellites to fiber optics, CDs, and today, digital technology- have transformed the world into a global room.  Increased globalization and technological innovation combined with deregulation and the convergence of previously separate industries such as entertainment, communications, and consumer electronics has led to development of a completely new and dynamic media landscape. At Aalpha, we are enablers of change. We facilitate this revolution with our bespoke software development services across Media Industry. Read More

Increasing customer demand for convenience and luxury is shaping the future dynamics of hospitality and travel industry. A differentiated customer experience to make it memorable along with efficient operations to manage costs is necessary to gain a competitive edge. With rapid proliferation in the number of competitors, it is imperative to keep pace with latest technology developments in order to stay ahead of the curve and win customers. At Aalpha, we have years of expertise and demonstrated experience in bespoke software development services across Hospitality and Travel Industry. Read More

Intimate and critical, the healthcare industry has come a long way since its inception. From small developments like adhesive bandages to more complex technologies like MRI machines, artificial organs, and robotic limbs, modern technology has changed the structure and organization of the entire medical field. It has embraced a plethora of medical technology aids and corresponding delivery mechanisms- electronic medical records, bio-medical technology, modern healthcare and more. At Aalpha, we have been successfully delivering bespoke software development services across Healthcare Industry to help them advance. Read More

The online commerce industry is at the intersection of digital economy and electronic businesses. They are future-ready business models which are set to transform the traditional approach of selling and doing business. However, not all online commerce companies are completely digital. On one hand we have completely digital companies, away from brick and mortar businesses, on the other; we have businesses which have online elements as a part of the greater business ecosystem. At Aalpha, we are the leading outsourcing providers of bespoke software development services across Online Commerce Industry. Read More

At Aalpha, we deliver professional services aimed at turning our client vision into reality quickly at effective price points with minimum possible risk. Our team of experts is adept at the latest technologies and delivers a flawlessly implemented project bringing global best practices to each customer engagement. Read More

Information technology has evolved through the phase of infancy. A new era- the era of information technology is in process. With the rapidly evolving business landscape and the increasing pace with which businesses interact, new systems are much needed.  Hence, the information age is characterized by systems built for increasing business revenues and profitability and reducing operational costs and manpower expenses. At Aalpha, we are the leading providers of bespoke software development services across Technology and Software Industry. Read More