Agile is Awesome! But where did I go wrong? Agile is not a methodology. It is a mind-set. Definition of Agile     Within the lanes of software development, Agile is defined as a type of hypermedia advancement, founded on the intermittent extension. It solves work and problems through network teams. It […]

Top 6 technology waves that we are going to witness in 2018 The globalization is having a profound influence on our daily life. Everything is well controlled by data and leveraged over several aspects of technology, business, and life. Millions of bytes of data is transmitted to make the miracle […]

Why is the world behind AR & VR? None can deny the unfathomable dominance of technologies in our daily life. The influences of technology are inevitable under the likes of AI, ML and especially AR & VR. The AR and VR are among the top waves that rock the world […]

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