CakePHP Development Services


What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is an open source, PHP language based web development platform. It facilitates quick development, deployment and maintenance of web applications with the help of its robust framework. CakePHP is compatible with the latest versions of PHP 4.0 and PHP 5.0 which makes it one of the most popular web application development platforms amongst the developer community.

CakePHP development services is based on MVC and ORM architecture. It helps developers focus on the core development activity over trivial issues cropping up in the development process. It also brings the benefits of reduced development costs and fast and efficient coding practices with less lines of code.

At Aalpha India, we have a team of certified CakePHP development services &  developers adept with all features of a structured CakePHP framework. We develop solutions as per client needs utilizing our strong knowledge and years of experience. Our experts are completely up to date with the latest version of CakePHP development services framework and maintain the desired skills to develop industry leading web applications without compromising on the functional requirements of the developed web applications. Solutions developed on CakePHP development services by Aalpha India developers ensure increased web traffic, sales and revenues.

Salient features of CakePHP:

Benefits of using CakePHP for Web Development

Being versatile and easy to use makes CakePHP a favorite in the developer community. It brings the following benefits to the table:

Being a preferred platform of choice, Aalpha India offers the best developer talent in CakePHP to businesses across the globe. We ensure quality and dynamic web applications are delivered to our customers in line with their expectations for functionalities, design and timelines. Deep domain expertise and years of experience in working and delivering projects for start-ups, social networking sites, e-commerce sites, industries like retail and healthcare, high end applications for enterprise etc. differentiate us from our peers and competitors.

We also provide CakePHP development services for ecommerce, real-estate, hospitality, media & entertainment, social media, business website development services with payment gateway and shipping integration solutions and much more. Our services cover the entire lifecycle of software development. Our solutions are completely secure and bug free and deliver a memorable user experience.

At Aalpha India, we offer a comprehensive bunch of CakePHP development services. The list includes:

We also offer our expert CakePHP developer team on hire. Our team is well trained in object oriented programming, MVC structure and multiple in-built functionalities like validation, database access, authentication and catching

Our talented pool of professional are certified and have in depth knowledge of all functionalities and features. This comes from detailed study, training and years of experience in working across projects spread across different industries. Successful delivery and happy customers lend us more credibility and exposure and generate more confidence in walking the extra mile.

Come and partner with us to take a leap ahead of your competition and win your customers with CakePHP development services!