Open Source Solutions

Concerns over data privacy, online community support and cost limitations are shaping up the increased adoption of open source solutions today. Control on growing operating cost and limited performance of many enterprises’ proprietary and in house applications have turned the corporate attention to open source solutions. This has been further accentuated by the need to scale up fast. With proven expertise in engineering practices and technical expertise in open source solutions, Aalpha promises and delivers cutting edge technology which offers peace of mind from high expenses, down-time issues, security issues and business rule violation.

Why Open Source Solutions?

With conventional and paid platforms, organizations get limited by the benefits one can avail. Not only do the benefits get limited, but several issues may crop up due to platform limitations and limited understanding. Some of the common issues are as under:

With Aalpha, you can bank on our extensive experience in open source software development. Our proven expertise, deep domain knowledge and years of experience combined have left us inculcating industry best practices which enable us to help clients with robust, scalable, bug free solutions on open source platforms.

We provide a wide array of services in open source solutions development. You can get your complete solution developed by outsourcing the entire project, or access our talented resources to work in a dedicated manner without having to recruit manpower and invest time and money. Not only do we bring in cost benefits, we bring expert advice to guide you through the entire project. We are not just a company, we are partners to our customers in their transformation journey.

Having worked across multiple industries including healthcare, retail, government, real estate, education, travel etc.  we guarantee unique customer experience with our end-to end solutions.

Open Source Technology:

Technology we use:

Come, partner with us to build next gen products on open source platforms.