Responsive Web Design Services


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is modern approach to web designing. This technique is targeted at providing an excellent viewing experience by auto shaping up of the sites, i.e., it allows a website to adapt to and provide an optimal experience on any device it’s being accessed from. Responsive web design provides easy to navigate and easy to read websites with minimal need of zooming in, zooming out, horizontal and vertical scrolling across all channels and devices, be it desktop PC, laptops, tablets or handheld mobile devices. This means that a responsive web design would look and function flawlessly for a user on any device.

Responsive Websites are developed with Search Engine friendly coding and are compatible with all devices.

Need for Responsive Web Design

Mobile search has surpassed desktop in 2015. With Mobilegeddon, mobile-friendliness has become an official Google ranking factor. These developments along with increasing penetration of the internet and increased usage of smart phone across the globe call for creating a mobile-friendly website. It is no longer optional: it’s a necessity!

It is critical that a business website caters to its users’ needs. It is also important that the device it’s being accessed on is capable of conveying the wants, needs, and specifications of a user.

As leaders in responsive web design at Aalpha India, we have a team of expert designers and developers who can understand the website needs of our clients and deliver high quality responsive web design capable of engaging customers across all channels (devices) like mobile and tablet.

Responsive Website Features

A responsive web design should take utmost care of the following design features:

At Aalpha, our team delivers functionally rich responsive web design  for a great user experience, completely satisfactory in all aspects. The benefits we deliver are:

Our website page designing team approaches each project with a plan. The requirements are captured along the following three features:

Curious to know if your Website is Responsive?

You need no smart phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer to check out how your website renders on each, check the below URLs and see if you pass the test:

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

At Aalpha, we are committed to providing a functionally rich website design to our customers. We work with our customers to provide the following features for their website design:

Aalpha India is a group of talented responsive web design professionals committed to delivering the latest and advanced web design to the industry. Come and partner with us for all your responsive website needs.